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Every week SILREAL writes and posts a new blog related to the digital healthcare network. These blogs cover topics from cybersecurity

in digital healthcare to Chinese and European healthcare. With these blogs, we seek to inform both those in and out of the digital healthcare industry in order to create a better-educated world. 

All of these blogs are written and edited by employees at SILREAL. If you have any questions about these blogs or just want to learn more about a certain blog or about our company please feel free to contact us. You can find our experts below along with their LinkedIn information. If there is a topic or event you wish to learn more about that we have not written about please contact us and we will try to publish a blog about said topic as soon as we can.

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Vaccine Production Line
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SILREAL's Experts

Here at SILREAL, we have a variety of team members whom each have several years of experience in the healthcare realm. We drive transformation in healthcare. We enable healthcare companies in their digital transformation and market entry in China.


Chenchao Liu

Chenchao Liu is the founder of SILREAL GmbH. Mr. Liu’s expertise in healthcare and Sino-European relation is called upon by private companies and public institutions such as the German Federal Ministry of Health, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, and the Federation of German Industries

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Learn more about our CEO and founder here.


Sophie Schmidt

Sophie Schmidt is a healthcare consultant at SILREAL. Ms. Schmidt has a strong international background and a keen interest in healthcare topics as well as global and cultural exchange. 

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