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Digital Brand Equity Study for a globally leading hearing aid manufacturer

SILREAL was conducting a digital brand equity study for a globally leading hearing aid manufacturer on the Chinese headphone market to support the acquisition of client.


Our team offers comprehensive brand analysis services to help clients stay ahead of their competitors. We start by assessing the client's brand perception and reputation in comparison to key competitors through customer surveys and social listening. In addition, we conduct in-depth feedback on customer service and product experience to gain insights into areas for improvement.

To further enhance our assessment, we analyze the client's social media presence, search engine optimization, and campaign performance. This provides us with a better understanding of their online visibility and how they can improve their digital marketing strategy.

Furthermore, we perform competitor analysis on 11 other providers of hearing system solutions.

This allows us to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and help our clients develop strategies to gain a competitive advantage. With our brand analysis services, clients can stay on top of their industry and improve their overall business performance.

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Our team shared the results of our research, including suggestions to enhance customer satisfaction and improve the client's online presence. Additionally, we conducted a thorough analysis of the client's competitors to identify areas for improvement and ways to stand out in the market.

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