Your China consultancy in Berlin

SILREAL is a management consultancy specializing on China in Berlin. With a wide range of services, important specialist knowledge and contacts in the German and Chinese economies, we are happy to advise you in order to enable your company to grow in China. The focus of our China consultation in Berlin is on your individual needs, with which we accompany you from start to finish. With new ideas we develop efficient strategies for the implementation of sustainable solutions.

China is our specialty. With our expertise in everything to do with Chinese culture and economy, as well as with a qualitative network, we position ourselves as the ideal intermediary between German companies and the Middle Kingdom. Through our holistic consulting approach from planning to implementation of the strategy, we achieve measurable added value for our customers in their China business.


China healthcare market


The focus of our China-based consulting in Berlin is on the Chinese health market. Due to rapid developments on site, this offers numerous growth opportunities, especially for German companies.

Thanks to our profound understanding of the healthcare industry, we support companies to optimally exploit market potential. We help companies to identify opportunities and risks in the Chinese market and to use them properly for themselves.

In doing so, we basically concentrate on strategic alignment, optimal matchmaking and improved business developments.


Our office

Our office is located directly on Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin-Mitte. As the capital and its proximity to political decision-makers, Berlin offers the ideal location for our advice on China-specific topics.



In addition to providing advice, Managing Director Chenchao Liu is also a keynote speaker in demand across Europe. With exciting and informative lectures about China, he particularly captivates the audience in Berlin and critically discusses what Germany can learn from China and from local developments. Here, too, the focus is on the Chinese healthcare industry and issues relating to digitization.

At your request, we are happy! We are happy to take time for you and get in touch with you as soon as possible.