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Go-To-Market Strategy (GTM) China

Go to Market China

Whether in terms of market size, R&D, or innovation, China is on its way to becoming the major global pharma and BioTech center, as well as the biggest healthcare market, attracting extensive domestic and international investments. This attractiveness is ongoing – changes in China’s population structure, or specifically the increasing proportion of aging and aged population and the increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are nourishing the growing demands on the healthcare market. 

Though the healthcare market in China is projected to become more and more promising, the market landscape is also changing rapidly, getting more complex and sophisticated. For foreign companies to take a share of the development is no longer as easy as it was years ago, when MNCs could simply apply the universal and national strategy and easily outplay competitors. To succeed in the Chinese healthcare market, many challenges are to be overcome with resolution and in-depth understanding of the various market facets at stake. 


As the age of foreign companies dominating the Chinese market becomes history, local players are on the rise , and this is accompanied by shift of customer behavior and consumption patterns. These market changes will deprive some instinctive competencies of MNCs and pressure all companies to differentiate themselves by all means.  

Moreover, changes in policy and regulatory dynamics will further shape the market landscape by favoring some companies through certain regulatory orientations, such as promotion of innovation focal point on certain target consumer groups.

Hence, the importance of understanding and even mastering the market is self-evident as the first step to success in China healthcare market. 


The difficulty and complexity of a market entry make finding a reliable and capable partner an important  aspect of one's own success in the Chinese healthcare market.  With our professional understanding, proven expertise, and extensive network in the Chinese healthcare sector, we offer you the very best Go-To-Market (GTM) solution. 

SILREAL identifies and refines your target with precision. Basing on our research and analysis, we provide you with all the knowledge and deep-dive analysis you need in the market sector that you are about to enter. Moreover, the opportunities that are customized for you and your competencies will be narrowed down and presented with details and accuracy.  

As your healthcare expert, we guide you through your market excellence – we offer you a tailor-made strategy and methodology for your market entry in China. Targeting the opportunities that are the most approachable and valuable, we develop the GTM strategy for you to realize them, with a detailed roadmap for implementation.  

With your own blueprint waiting for you, we also empower its execution- after we hand over the roadmap initiative, we still stand by and support you for the operation and implementation, with our practical experience dealing with down-to-earth issues that occur frequently.  

SILREAL supports your success with professional solutions for your market expansion. We look forward to your message, please ask us your questions or speak to one of our experts. We will contact you shortly.    


​Go-To-Market Strategy (GTM) Europe

Go to Market Europe

As one of the most developed industry sectors in Germany, German healthcare has been manifesting its international and domestic leadership, especially since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020.  

Regarded as the most attractive R&D and manufacture center of Pharma and MedTech in the world, Germany is also among the best destinations for investment in the healthcare sector, making it more than just appealing for foreign investors all over the world. 

Furthermore, Germanys healthcare market is one of the most dynamic in the world, with a well-built healthcare system, an advanced infrastructure, and cutting-edge supply chains for innovation, as well as broad investments. By 2020, healthcare expenditures accounted for up to 12.8% of the GDP, and the increasing number of people in need of care also shows the promising prospects of the German healthcare sector. 


Even though the attractiveness of the German healthcare industry as an investment destination is well known, challenges for foreign investors are considerable. In the rapidly changing world in which we live, where all the market dynamics generate great fluctuations and uncertainties in business, to enter a foreign market like Germany in the right manner is never an easy thing. And there are further challenges, notably for Chinese entrants, who may encounter a great number of challenges, ranging from cultural differences to regulatory affairs. 

The success of a market entry is always conditioned by an excellent and comprehensive understanding of the market. From the macro economy to regulatory and supervisory environments as well as the market and competition landscapes, the factors that contribute to the business success of a foreign company in Germany can be challenging to deal with. 

SILREAL supports your success with professional solutions for your market expansion. We are looking forward to get in contact with you!


The difficulty and complexity of a market entry make finding a reliable and capable partner an important aspect of one’s own success in the German healthcare market. With our professional understanding, proven expertise, and extensive network in the German healthcare sector, we offer you the very best Go-To-Market (GTM) solution. 

SILREAL identifies and refines your target with precision. Basing on our research and analysis, we provide you with all the knowledge and deep-dive analysis you need in the market sector that you are about to enter. Moreover, the opportunities that are customized for you and your competencies will be narrowed down and presented with details and accuracy. 

As your healthcare expert, we guide you through your market excellence – we offer you a tailor-made strategy and methodology for your market entry in Germany. Targeting the opportunities that are the most approachable and valuable, we develop the GTM strategy for you to realize them, with a detailed roadmap for implementation. 

With your own blueprint waiting for you, we also empower its execution - after we hand over the roadmap initiative, we still stand by and support you for the operation and implementation, with our practical experience dealing with down-to-earth issues that occur frequently. 

Market Research

market research consulting

Information is everything!

With the rapidly evolving market landscape, to stay updated about current trends and dynamics in the healthcare sector is always a challenge. However, the landscape of healthcare markets has never been as fast-changing and diverse as it is right now – COVID-19, vaccines, telehealth, digitalization etc. Many emerging topics are in the process of shaping the future of healthcare, making market insights even more valuable but also hard to get.  

This can be even more difficult for SMEs or companies that are seeking international expansion from China into the European market or vice versa, which may encounter a great number of challenges and limited availability of market information. In fact, companies need market information in order to guarantee that their efforts will pay off. As the market characteristics vary between countries, the cross-border acquisition of information can be even more difficult. This is particularly true in the healthcare sector, where administrative and regulatory affairs dealing with different stakeholders are challenging to invest in or deeply comprehend. 

We specialize in it and ease it 

SILREAL helps better understand the healthcare market landscape.  

At SILREAL, we provide you with the in-depth market research you need, ranging from the collection and processing of secondary information to the design and implementation primary research, using  our networks and professional methodologies such as expert interviews, focus group research, quantitative and qualitative survey, and field research. 

By providing solid market information and responding to current market trends, SILREAL delivers the insights you need for your business expansions to be successful. 

We leverage everything for your success 

SILREAL has an extensive network both in China and Europe, with a range of entities and partners in both depth and breadth. Through these networks and connections, SILREAL is able to reach out to the right place and right person for you, thus facilitating your success. 

Being specialized in market dynamics within the healthcare sector, we combine multidisciplinary expertise in both a technical and a business sense, making it possible for you to contribute to your own market expansion. We transmit the insights to you and help you to harness them for your business excellence. Based on our comprehensive service matrix, we are also able to take care of all your market-related affairs in the right manner, so that each piece of market information can be converted into the driving force for your expansion.  

SILREAL supports your success with customized professional insights and solutions adapted to your market expansion goals. We are looking forward to you getting in touch, so please reach out to us to ask us questions or  to talk with one of our experts. We will get back to you shortly.  

Policy Management

Policy Management

The healthcare sector’s importance has been manifesting itself in China at the national level. Under the framework of the Healthy China 2030 plan, a great number of supporting policies and regulations, ranging from protection of healthcare data to the promotion of digital healthcare, has been issued and enforced, serving the shared goal of developing the Chinese healthcare sector. 

Within the context of the macro trends - the industrial growth in China, the Chinese government’s strategy in the healthcare sector comes with changes in the healthcare market landscape. For instance, the shift in customers’ perception and behaviors favors more local players, and the arrival of local internet giants further shrinks the space of MNC’s. 


However, with increasing healthcare coverage and expenditure, the healthcare market in China will remain a promising one, as the demand continually grows. This may make it the largest battleground for both international and local players, with high levels of market competition. Outplaying  competitors for foreign entrants is not just a yes or no question, the key is how. 

Though bulk purchase has its advantages, there exists a massive market of alternatives to public hospitals that should also be brought into consideration, such as private hospitals and online pharmacies. Reaching these more unconventional channels of healthcare consumption may indicate great market potential. Deeper engagement at the local level is a good goal, notably in terms of a more granular response to policies and regulations, and with regards to marketing and operations. Moreover, as a key policy pillar, innovation is another ideal field for foreign entrants to outperform local players. 

SILREAL stands by you, facilitating your success with custom professional solutions for your own policy management. We are looking forward to you getting in touch.


As your China healthcare experts, SILREAL provides policy management excellence. Through SILREAL’s policy management framework, we facilitate your business’ success in the Chinese healthcare market, through the three dynamic dimensions of policy, regulation, and market. 

SILREAL keeps you updated about new policy and regulations, and the accompanying orientation and growth points, by constantly monitoring them at a local level. At SILREAL, we make sure that we deliver accurate interpretations of policy developments, which can be converted into counter-measures with ease and agility, empowering your market excellence in the process. 

As a market expert, SILREAL analyses policy and regulation insights and combines them with market dynamics. With proven experience and solid expertise in market research and analysis, SILREAL is able to deduce the corresponding market trend and dynamic as a result of new policy and regulation, and help you act pre-emptively.  

With its interactive three-dimensions framework, SILREAL customizes its tools to build your own success. After analyzing your status quo and exploring your opportunities and risks, SILREAL will help you design your own policy management system and embed it into your existing structures. With your own blueprint of policy management waiting for you, SILREAL empowers you to implement the change your company needs.  

Innovation Management

Innovation management

At the intersection of policy, research, and marketing, innovation is the driving force of economic development for both countries and companies. In the healthcare market, innovation shows an even stronger significance in almost all the subsectors, including BioPharma, MedTech, and Digital Health. And with its strong industrial and academic resources in healthcare, Germany is reinforcing its global leadership in healthcare by creating a state-of-the-art environment for innovation. 


As one of the most developed countries of the global healthcare industry, Germany is the home of an important node for German and international healthcare and life science MNCs. The innovation and startup scene in Germany has been enjoying solid growth, with new innovation clusters recently formed and expanding. As a result, cooperation between healthcare MNCs and emerging forces of innovation constantly spring up. Pfizer, Roche, and Novartis each built their innovation centres in Germany since 2018, from which a great number of innovative ideas in BioPharma, telehealth, digital, or MedTech have emerged. Several cities stand out for their particularly high innovation rates and attractivity to healthcare innovation initiatives, such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and Stuttgart. 

As this innovation transformation has accelerated, the outbreak of COVID-19 brought some topics to the forefront, notably digitalization, telehealth, and BioPharma. During this process, the importance of innovation efforts and research and development has been brought to a historical high.  

SILREAL believes in the power and the diverse possibilities that innovation can unleash. We are looking forward to your contact..  


As the foundation of innovation activities, the good design and construction of innovation platforms will benefit both the enterprise and the innovation itself. This is where SILREAL is here to help. 

With our proven experience and expertise combining both technical understanding of healthcare innovation and the business practices for the promotion of innovation, SILREAL supports your excellence-seeking innovation management.  

At SILREAL, we customize your innovation management – we will analyze your need in innovation, including your positioning within the context of policy, market, competition, and innovation. 

SILREAL also offers you the best innovation management plan - in the form of an innovation hub. Through our extensive network with research institutes, startups and startup associations, and in-depth insights into the current local and international innovation landscape, SILREAL makes sure that your innovation promotion efforts are effective. 

We regard innovation management as a long-term driven force of enterprise value-creation and contribution to social responsibility. Therefore, SILREAL believes that an innovation ecosystem that functions on a continual basis is the optimal mode for companies to achieve the best cooperation possible for innovation in the long run. Based on this, SILREAL provides you with a customized model for operation and cooperation.  


Delegation Trip

Delegation Trip

To promote Germany as a business location in the field of medical technology, pharmaceuticals, and digital health solutions, it is important to globally market the German healthcare industry and support German companies in establishing international partnerships. It is essential to provide direct insights into innovative companies, research and development facilities and international life science parks. This brings the industry closer to foreign target regions in a targeted manner and to develop synergies with Germany's own healthcare clusters. The implementation of delegation trips to foreign target regions can specifically serve to gain a better understanding of current trends, innovations, and potential cooperation partners in the healthcare industry.  

In close cooperation with public institutions and according to the individual industry focus of regional health clusters, SILREAL organizes and conducts delegation trips - with China as a geographical focus. Addressed target groups on the German side are SMEs, research and educational institutions, as well as startups. Especially for startups, a foreign market development is relevant in the entrepreneurial development. On the foreign side, possible cooperation partners are addressed, such as investors, SMEs, startups, or suppliers, who are potentially interested in a possible cooperation with the representatives of the German delegation participants. 

The range of services within the scope of the delegation trip includes: 

  • Providing an understanding of the market and target groups in Germany and abroad and analyse the individual needs of delegation participants 

  • Participant acquisition and invitation management (both speakers and B2B participants) 

  • Elaboration of the program and event procedures 

  • Organization, planning and management of B2B meetings, networking events and company visits in the selected target region 

  • Providing logistical requirements, such as selection of event venues, catering, technology, translators, and transportation  

  • Documentation and follow-up as part of the final report, evaluation of the measures and follow-up of the delegation trip