Topics - China and the Future

Keynote Speaker Chenchao Liu offers exciting lectures about China and the healthcare sector. Possible topics for keynotes include the following areas. Contact us for more information.  

The primary objective in China is to transform itself into a sustainable and innovative service society and to position itself as an economic power in markets around the world. To achieve these goals, the following strategies of the Chinese government are highly relevant for German companies.

By 2025, China aims to create leading companies in ten key technologies. According to the strategy, the share of Chinese manufacturers of "core components and important materials" in ten key sectors on the domestic market is to be increased to 70 percent. With investments in the billions, China wants to become a high-tech producer. This includes market leadership in areas on which the growth of many industrialized countries is now based: e.g. information technology, robotics, aerospace, alternative drive vehicles, autonomous driving and medical technology. In order to convert domestic industrial production, China is interested in German cutting-edge technology. Corresponding Chinese investments in Germany have increased significantly in recent years.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Made in China 2025

The health care system in the Middle Kingdom is currently experiencing an epochal break due to the enormous speed of digitalization and the introduction of numerous laws and regulations. China, however, must defy various challenges. Hospitals are overloaded and the workload of doctors is exceptionally high. There are only about 1.5 doctors per 1,000 people. The utilization of the health care system became particularly evident during the Corona crisis. However, it also showed us that China is already rapidly expanding innovative applications in the areas of telemedicine, Big Data and AI. By 2030, the Chinese government has set itself the goal of achieving the leading position in AI. 

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Digitization in healthcare

Digitization in the healthcare sector is an essential part of the "Healthy China 2030" initiative adopted in October 2016. This initiative aims to achieve a standard of health at the level of the industrialized countries by 2030. Reforms focus on establishing public health insurance systems and improving public health care. Germany often serves as a model in this respect.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Healthy China 2030

The "New Silk Road" initiative launched by China's President Xi Jinping in 2013 aims to further expand China's trade network in the future. It is a large-scale Chinese economic, geopolitical and diplomatic initiative from which German companies can benefit with their know-how and international experience. The Eurasian region, through which the new Silk Road runs, comprises 65 countries with around 60 percent of the world's population and 30 percent of global GDP. According to China, around 70 countries currently support the initiative. Over 50 countries have signed cooperation agreements. The business opportunities are many and varied, but success will depend on a well thought-out cooperation strategy. This lays the foundation for optimal positioning vis-à-vis partners and competitors alike, and ultimately enables you to achieve your goals with rigour. Use Chenchao's many years of experience to your advantage - so that your company can achieve measurable success in China.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Belt and Road Initiative