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Delegation Trip "The future of medicine" to Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen 

The delegation trip to China was organized for representatives of the health ministry, leaders of healthcare companies, hospitals and research institutions in Germany. The goal was to create a common view towards the global development in digital healthcare. The focus was on the changes in the healthcare sector in the Chinese market and the opportunities and risks this might create for Germany.


Our approach to partnership building and collaboration in the digital healthcare market in China is based on a thorough understanding of the local market and its key players. We work closely with our clients to identify and establish relationships with local and global partners.

Based on our research, we develop a tailored market entry strategy that is designed to help our clients succeed in the market.

This includes identifying potential partners and participants in both China and Germany based on primary research and our extensive network.

Once potential partners and participants have been identified, we work closely with German companies and Chinese partners to plan the agenda of the delegation trip. This involves coordinating major events, workshops, and conversations that provide valuable insights into the market and facilitate relationship building. We also organize and manage the logistics for both German and Chinese participants to ensure a seamless experience for everyone involved.

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At Silreal, we facilitated the connection between companies in Germany and China, enabling them to exchange ideas and identify potential business opportunities for the future.


Through this collaboration, both delegations gained a deep understanding of the respective markets and their unique characteristics. Our goal is to continue fostering these types of partnerships and promoting international business relationships that benefit all parties involved.

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