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Chenchao Liu, founder and CEO of SILREAL GmbH, leverages his experiences in chemistry and consulting to help navigate the life sciences sector, particularly at the intersection of the German and Chinese markets. Mr. Liu is renowned for his cross-cultural proficiency and deep understanding of the German and Chinese markets.

Chenchao Liu's leadership at SILREAL has led to the successful execution of numerous projects, including a delegation trip for the German Ministry of Health to China, where he managed strategic planning, logistics, and facilitation of connections within the healthcare sector. His team provided cultural and policy guidance and performed post-trip analysis to guide future strategies, ensuring a successful visit for the Ministry. 

Mr. Liu's expertise extends to analyzing the status quo and trends of the Digital Health market in China. He has also managed a digital brand equity study for a globally leading hearing aid manufacturer, focusing on the Chinese headphone market. In addition, he produced a report on best practices for COVID-19 containment in China. This report centered on supply chain management, demand patterns of key products, data integration, AI applications, and regulatory affairs.

Chen's deep knowledge and understanding of the Chinese market significantly enhanced the impact of these projects. His insights enabled the identification of key market opportunities and challenges, informed strategic decision-making, and ensured the successful execution of initiatives. His cross-cultural proficiency and project management leadership were crucial in driving these achievements.

He holds a chemistry degree from the Technical University of Munich and has contributed to research at prestigious institutions like the Max Planck Institute and ETH Zurich. A respected lecturer on digital health, he shares his insights across Europe and Asia, having spoken in Germany, China, Switzerland, and Denmark. His thought leadership is further evidenced by contributions to the World Economic Forum and engagements with prominent organizations like the German Federal Ministry of Health and industry leaders such as the Federation of German Industries. 

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