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How do you benefit from China's developments?

SILREAL is a consultancy that supports companies on their road to enter the Chinese market. Our team works with our clients from start to finish and focuses on their needs. Together we develop new ideas, define effective strategies and implement sustainable solutions. Our team embodies Chinese as well as European market expertise, which is a crucial component to preparing promising market entry strategies as well as unique ideas. 

China is our area of expertise. Through ​our profound cultural and economic knowledge about the Chinese and European markets, we enable reciprocal cooperation at eye level. Furthermore, we have an extensive network of top decision-makers from the Chinese economy and politics that allows us to build a business-enhancing bridge for German companies to the Middle Kingdom. With our holistic consulting approach that reaches from planning to implementation, we manage to create measurable success for our clients in their China business.

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SILREAL is a specialised management consultancy with a focus on China. We support companies entering the market and expanding within China.

The optimal utilization of market potential in China is our expertise. We combine our comprehensive understanding of the healthcare industry with functional excellence in strategy, business development, and partnership building.

Our core competencies in focus: 

1. Strategy

Individualised strategic planning, the establishment of partnerships with relevant political and economic entities and goal-oriented implementation are the focus of attention.

2. Business development

With our long-standing experience in the Chinese market, we will lead your business in China to success. Our key competences lie in the recognition of market dynamics, a profound cultural understanding as well as an early recognition and optimal utilization of economic, political, and cultural trends. 

3. Partnership Building

Our network is uniquely extensive and deeply embedded into our business. From strategic alliances to investors to key political figures, we provide you with the right contacts to successfully develop your business in the Middle Kingdom. 

You want to inspire your audience for China and create a perfect combination of entertainment and knowledge for your event? With Chenchao Liu as keynote speaker, you will gain exciting, informative and entertaining insights into topics related to the Middle Kingdom.

His lecture topics include:


  • How do you benefit from developments in China?

  • What can Germany copy from China?

  • China wins! How can German SMEs benefit?

  • What lessons can we learn from the Corona crisis? Insights into the Sino-European relationship.

  • What can Germany and China learn from each other in times of digitalisation?


China is a "high-context" cultur: only those who have a strong understanding of the most important cultural factors can be successful in the Chinese market. SILREAL offers individually designed seminars and coaching for the following topics: ​

  • Preparation for business trips to China for executives 

  • Situational understanding of the Chinese economic culture 

  • Successful negotiations with Chinese partners 

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Chenchao Liu, born in China, has lived in Germany since 2002. He studied chemistry at the TU Munich and conducted research at the Max Planck Institute and ETH Zurich. Mr. Liu is the Managing Director of SILREAL, a consulting firm specializing on China, which enables companies to find reliable partners in China for their market entry and accompanies them in this process. As Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum, Mr. Liu is regularly invited as a speaker to institutions such as the German Federal Foreign Office, the Federation of German Industries, the Foundation of German Industry and the Max Planck Society as an expert on China. Mr. Liu is also the author of various publications and has been interviewed by Handelsblatt, Neue Zürcher Zeitung and New York Times.



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